Miss India Worldwide Canada 2019 - Sponsors

Padma Kalyanam is a Real Estate Sales Representative with CondoPromo & Century 21 servicing her clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). She has a wide range of experience in new development and resale and is always looking to give her clients the most up-to-date knowledge about the market. Her close connections with builders and a wide network of agents give her a competitive edge on everything to do with Toronto Real Estate. Connect with Padma: 647 949 6503

RITVI Kreations is formed to passionately organize celebrity events across the globe and movie productions. It has organized varieties of events like mega show in Dallas with 35 celebrities travelled from India, a celebrity cricket league, fund raiser banquets etc. Currently, there are 3 movies that are launched under this banner.

Kate stands for Pure, Clean and Flawlessness.Our fservices include web designing, web development; building static and dynamic websites in various technological spheres such as PHP, Java, AngularJS, HTML, WordPress; building E-Commerce websites including Mobile compliant responsive websites to Mobile Apps Development to Digital Marketing Services to HR Services to Accounting Services. website: www.kateit.in Connect with Kartheek: +91 9704333971